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The City of Poway organization is known for its professionalism and excellent customer service provided by talented and top notch employees. Staff members in the Planning Division of the Development Services Department administer and implement the City’s land use and zoning functions, process discretionary land use applications, and assure compliance with conditions of approval through various reviews and inspections. This division also ensures compliance with the Poway Municipal Code, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and other state and federal regulations.

On July 20, 2021, the Poway City Council approved a new six year Salary & Benefits Plan between the City of Poway and the Management/Confidential Employee Group. The person hired for the Associate Planner position will receive a $7,500 stipend after hire, prorated based on the start date in the current fiscal year. The six year Salary &Benefit Plan also includes another $7,500 stipend in July 2022; a 3% wage increase in July 2023 and 5% wage increases in each of the final three years of the Salary & Benefit Plan.

If you are interested in public service and joining a team of passionate, creative and enthusiastic employees in the City of Poway’s Development Services Department, then we encourage you to apply for this position.

Performs various professional field and office planning work related to current and advanced planning, including review of development and land use applications, zoning, geographical maps, site plans, and environmental documents; provides project management and administration; completes technical assessments and prepares written project analyses; provides professional advice and assistance to the public on planning, community development, zoning, permits, and environmental review; provides staff assistance to the City Planner, other departments, and the public in areas of expertise; performs a variety of studies and prepares and presents staff reports. Ensures the implementation of projects complies with project approvals.

Receives direct and general supervision from the City Planner or assigned supervisor. Exercises no direct supervision over staff, only interns. May provide technical and function direction to lower-level staff.

Key Responsibilities:

Management reserves the right to add, modify, change or rescind the work assignments of different positions and to make reasonable accommodations so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions of the job.

-Reviews routine to complex commercial, industrial, and residential development proposals, plans, and applications for issuance of zoning clearance; reviews for compliance with appropriate regulations and policies. -Reviews permit applications and building plans for completeness and compliance with current City codes and regulations; provides interpretations of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and local environmental guidelines; identifies corrective actions to be taken by owners; recommends improvement and rehabilitation programs; conducts follow-up and recheck and approves or denies submittals. -Serves as project manager for routine application projects, including analyzing and evaluating site and architectural plans, performing technical review, making recommendations, ensuring plans and applications receive appropriate signatures, and coordinating in-house review with contractors. -Compiles information for a variety of studies and reports; researches, analyzes, and interprets social, economic, population, and land use data and trends; develops recommendations and prepares written reports on various planning matters and the City’s General Plan. -Prepare environmental documents including Mitigated Negative Declarations, Negative Declarations, Categorical Exemptions, Mitigation Monitoring Reports, EIR, Notices of Exemptions, Notices of Preparation, Notices of Determination. -Researches, collects, records, analyzes, interprets, and summarizes statistical and demographic information; prepares spreadsheets and establishes and maintains a comprehensive database. -Prepares and presents staff reports for the City Council, various committees, and advisory boards as directed; prepares research, reports, maps, and conducts briefings. -Acts as department liaison during meetings with prospective residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications; coordinates intra and inter departmental review to allow for a comprehensive and efficient review of applications. -Confers with and advises architects, builders, attorneys, contractors, engineers, and the general public regarding City development policies and standards; provides and clarifies information relative to zoning, general plan compliance, signage, and other issues. -Answers questions and provides information to the public; conducts neighborhood meetings and public workshops and events. -Receives and records zoning and code compliance complaints, establishes appropriate files, performs inspections to document violations, coordinates actions as needed with those of other agencies, and implements appropriate procedures to correct or resolve each violation. -Attends meetings, conferences, workshops, and various trainings sessions to become and remain current on principles, practices, and new developments in assigned work areas. -Oversee the work of consultants and draft requests for proposals or qualifications. Communicates and coordinates regularly with stakeholders to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of interdepartmental operations and activities. -Prepares graphics and research documents related to planning. -Assists in implementing City Council’s annual goals and General Plan objectives. -Assists in the preparation of grant applications and manages grants awarded. -May provide technical direction and training to other planning and technical staff. -Maintains attendance and punctuality that is observant of scheduled hours on a regular basis. -Performs other duties as assigned.

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