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Professional Development

CM Credits.

Remember the best way to earn the maximum amount of AICP continuing education credits is to attend either the APA California conference or the National Conference.

The APA Orange Section strives to provide a minimum of 16 CM credits per year through our various lunch programs and the programs we co-sponsor with other organizations. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to earn CM credits. Most months, the Orange Section holds a monthly lunch program that qualifies for 1.5 hours of credit. Please see the event section for the upcoming lunch schedule.

For more AICP Code of Ethics, Professional Development, or Certification Maintenance (CM) Credit resources, click here.

If you are having problems obtaining your CM credits and would like assistance, please contact Starla Barker, AICP at 

An AICP member’s Certification Maintenance reporting period is determined by when the member passes the exam and  joins AICP. 

APA’s free distance education products offer almost 32 CM credits. Opportunities are posted as they become available and carry the CM logo. When logging CM credits for distance education, select the date you viewed the product to ensure the credits are added to your current reporting period.

In 2015, APA California initiated a new professional development program through APA’s Distance Education program. Six sessions from the Anaheim 2014 conference are offered for viewing at $15 each for 1.5 CM credits. For more information, click here.

If you attend an event offered by an unregistered educational organization, e-mail We will make contact on your behalf and encourage their registration as a CM provider. You also have the option of self-reporting attendance at an event that meets CM criteria.

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