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10 Ways You Can Celebrate National Community Planning Month

Not sure what to do this October to celebrate National Community Planning Month? Check out what other communities have done under the Share Your Activities. And don’t forget to submit your own activities, e-mail them to

  1. Proclaim October as National Community Planning Month.

  2. Call attention to planning In Your Community by holding a neighborhood tour, creating an exhibit about the community’s planning history or holding a department open house. Create a reading list of “must-read” planning books.

  3. Organize a book discussion group around a planning book.

  4. Participate in a career day, and inspire future students to become future planners.

  5. Take planning off campus and organize a box city event for a local youth organization.

  6. Screen a planning-focused film.

  7. Get social. Use the #planning month hashtag and promote planning through your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media outlet.

  8. Sponsor a community photo contest. Ask residents to photograph their favorite places within the community.

  9. Invite a planning guest speaker to your community, neighborhood association or organization meeting. Find planners through APA’s Ambassador’s Program.

(Originally posted on the National APA Website:

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