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 Catherine Aguilar 

Vice Director of Marketing & Membership


Catherine Aguilar is the CEO and Founder of Impact Alliances Group, Inc. She is an innovative strategist who ignites purpose driven impact by combining her background in community engagement, outreach, social media, marketing, and land development. Catherine increases her clients’ competitive advantage by expanding their role towards community partnership and sustainable global citizenship.

Catherine’s goal has been to serve beyond the boundaries of her community. In working towards achieving this goal, she has intentionally integrated her passion for public service into her career. Over the years, Catherine has garnered work experiences in the private sector, public sector, and an international organization that have groomed her to be a strategist and communications expert. Catherine’s dynamic strategy development experience includes community engagement, outreach, operations, systems modeling, business development, and land development.

Catherine’s journey has created a unique path lined with highly sought after opportunities including speaking as a TEDx Speaker for the City of Oxnard, completing fellowships at the United Nations and Environmental Protection Agency, and being part of the top 100 selected to intern at the White House under the Obama Administration.


In the community, Catherine serves as Vice Director of Marketing & Membership on the Orange Section of the American Planning Association (APA) and is an active Council Member on the Loyola Marymount University Entrepreneurship Advisory Council. Catherine earned her Masters of Public Administration from Cornell University, and her Bachelors of Arts from Smith College.

Fun Fact.

Catherine loves acting and improv. Growing up, she was a Screen Actors Guild member and was in commercials for Walt Disney, JC Penny, and Craft Cheese (just to name a few!). She also landed one of the leading roles in Fiddler on the Rooftop.

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