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Need CM Credits?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022


Need CM Credits?

APA California is now offering 1-click free previews of our entire on-demand video catalog–including six new titles from the 2015 Oakland Conference.

Watch the preview on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Register when ready (see links below or in YouTube video summary). It’s that easy.

2015 Oakland Conference

  1. Diversity Summit: Gentrification Mosaic – Conversations on Displacement of Economic and Social Capital CM | 1.5 Ethics $15 Preview

  2. Latino Urbanism: La Salud y el Etorno Fisico (Health and the Physical Environment CM | 1.0 (free) Preview

  3. Fixing Up Your Project: Strategies and Tools for Revising and Retooling Previously Approved Projects CM | 1.25 Law $15 Preview

  4. Ethically Navigating Shifting Roles of the AICP Planner in the Environmental Permitting Process CM | 1.25 Ethics $15 Preview

  5. APA California 2015 Legislative Update CM | 1.5 Law $15 Preview

  6. General Plan Update – Keeping It Real, Current and Relevant CM | 1.5 $15 Preview

  7. Manifest Density: A Reality Check for the Sustainable Communities Strategy CM | 1.5 $15 Preview

  8. Parking and Driverless Vehicle Innovations and Their Impact on Cities CM | 1.5 $15 Preview

2014 Anaheim Conference


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