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2023 Planning Leadership Academy

For more information, visit:

The California Planning Roundtable (CPR) is proud to host the 2023 Planning Leadership Academy!

This professional development program was created to help planners prepare for leadership roles in their organizations. Through the program, participants will gain knowledge and skills in leadership, organizational dynamics, communication, and career planning to help them identify and achieve their professional goals while equipping them with tools to make even stronger contributions to their organizations.

This six-meeting virtual program utilizes Zoom to conduct live presentations and small group discussions hosted by the California Planning Roundtable and APA California Chapter. For more information, visit:

The participation fee is $75, and you can earn up to 12 CM credits for attending all sessions. Register online HERE.

2023 Program Schedule

Six Virtual Zoom Sessions on Friday mornings (8:30am - 10:30am)

  • January 20 Leadership Values Introduction/Welcome Speaker: Richard Rojas, Deputy City Manager, City of Norwalk

  • February 24 Mindset Featured Speaker: Andrea Ouse, AICP, President APA California & Community Development Director

  • March 17 Emotional Intelligence Featured Speaker: Linda F. Tatum, FAICP, Assistant City Manager. Interviewer: Haydee Urita-Lopez, Principal City Planner, Los Angeles City Planning Department

  • April 21 Negotiation Featured Speaker: Tanisha Taylor, Chief Deputy Director, California Transportation Commission

  • May 19 Diversity & Inclusion Featured Speaker: Rosalynn Hughey, Deputy City Manager, City of San José Interviewer: Ann Cheng, Ann Cheng Consulting, LLC - Transportation and Land Use Planning for Equitable and Sustainable Communities

  • June 9 Leadership Reflections Featured Speaker: Richard Rojas, Deputy City Manager, City of Norwalk


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